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Hiring of Domestic Helpers

We provide a large database of domestic helpers from Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia.


Direct Hire of Domestic Helpers

We  are able to handle the hiring process if you have found your own helper.


Home Leave Application

Returning to home for your long awaited vacation? Apply for your home leave in advance to save all the hassle when re-entering Singapore!

Passport Renewal

Passport Expiring? Not to worry, we can handle it for you! Bring your old passport down and we will be glad to assist you in the renewal of passport!


Traveling and not sure where to house your helper in the meantime? Let us know when you will be away and we will be able to arrange for you.

Training Programmes

Customized training programmes for our individual domestic helpers ranging from baby care to  elderly care, cooking and many more.

Air Tickets Arrangement

For helpers returning home, we are able to assist in the air ticket arrangement.

Workers Application

Hiring unskilled/skilled workers on Work Permit/S Pass? We are able to provide you with videos of candidates at work to showcase their abilities!

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  • As per the MOM requirement, employers are required to purchase Medical Insurance of at least $15k per year and a Personal Accident Insurance with a sum assured of at least $60,000 per year for their domestic helper.


  • Employers must pay monthly levy of $265 or $60 (concessionary) per month. To qualify for concessionary levy, you must satisfy one of the following:
    • Young Children or Grandchildren (Singaporean) below 16 years old living in the same registered address
    • Aged Person (Singaporean) above 65 years old living in the same registered address
    • Person with Disability that required permanent help in at least 1 daily activity.

Salary and Off Days

  • As per the MOM requirement, all domestic helpers are entitled to 1 off day per week. For each off day that the domestic helper forgo, she must be compensated an amount equivalent to her daily salary (Salary/26 days).

Duration of Work Permit

  • The duration of the work permit is up to 2 years depending on the validity of the security bond.

In a nutshell, these are the services that we provide:

  • Employing a new Foreign Domestic Worker from our wide pool of candidates that comes from Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia
  • Direct Hire of Foreign Domestic Worker when the employer has pre-selected their own candidate
  • Employing a Transfer Foreign Domestic Worker
  • Work Permit Renewal
  • Purchase of FDW’s Insurance and Letter of Guarantee
  • Medical Check-up (Full Medical Check-up or 6-Monthly Check-up)
  • Assisting our First-Timer Employer with the Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP)
  • Registering and arranging the domestic helpers to attend the Settling-In Programme (SIP)
  • Filipino Home Leave whereby the FDW has to return to Philippines during the employment in Singapore
  • Passport Renewal
  • Purchase of Air Tickets
Our operating hours are from Monday to Saturday 12.30pm to 7.30pm. For other timings, please book an appointment with us.;

Global Channel Employment Agency is one of the best maid agency in Singapore that arranges for earliest deployment of maids and we are committed to ensure 100% satisfaction of our client. We are licensed by the Ministry of Manpower and we act as the trusted intermediary between the domestic workers and those who want to hire the domestic workers. We arrange for a discussion between the domestic worker and her prospective employer. This will provide the employers the opportunity to assess the domestic maid and ensure that they make the most suitable selection.

Global Channel assures placements to the job seeking FDWs in Singapore who are from different countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. We ensure the most suitable matching between the employers and the domestic workers. Foreign domestic workers who are working in Singapore can also approach the maid agency for new employment. These helpers are otherwise known as the transfer helpers. Face-to-face interview will be arranged. We have maintained a track record of quickly and amicably solving all problems of our clients regarding child-care, elderly-care as well as regular household tasks. We are also known for our quality service to the clients and we always make it a point to build longstanding relationship with our clients. The task of hiring maids for domestic work in Singapore will be made very easy by the Global Channel Employment Agency as we are committed to provide excellent customer service. We understand the urgency as well as importance of providing a suitable maid to their clients.

We provide the best maid placement service with reasonable service charge. We always takes care of the interests of both the employer and the domestic worker. Being one of the best maid agency in Singapore, we will see to it that the most suitable match is provided to both the employer and the worker such that it is beneficial for both of them. We also provide other services such as applying for work permits, cancellation of work permits, renewal of the passports, renewal of work permits, direct hiring of domestic helpers, air tickets arrangement, temporary accommodation arrangement when employers go for their vacation.

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