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The ultimate company designed to bring you high-quality maid services on the spot. We are one of the best maid agencies in Singapore, and we bring you outstanding maid services in no time.

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Global Channel Employment Agency is a licensed maid agency by the Ministry of Manpower. We have continually worked on bringing in front outstanding, tremendous solutions that you can rely upon. We also believe that it’s very important for you to work with a team of experts, and we are always here to help you with all of that. The attention to detail is second to none, and since we train all maids, you can easily get vetted individuals that you can rely upon.

Not only that, we also have training programs. These include housework, basic nursing, elderly care, child care, Chinese language training and many others.

We are fully committed to value and quality. With our own training center in Philippines, we are able to bring in the best and fully trained Filipino maids. That’s the thing that makes our approach stand out, the fact that we always train each one of the maids to deliver the utmost value and quality.

Global Channel is also a part of the Association of Employment Agencies Singapore. We believe that it’s very important for you to work with the best maid agency in Singapore, and that’s why we are always here to assist. We know how demanding and challenging can the situation be in the long term, but we help you avoid any hassle this way. All you need is to get in touch with our team and once you do that you will see that nothing is impossible.

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